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A multiplicity of power plants, power stations and steam grids in the whole world are exhaling large amounts of heat, which can't actually be used anymore, neither in commercial nor technological ways.

By that, a tremendous amount of fossil as well as renewable energy resources are wasted without achieving really acceptable plant efficiency. The innovative Energy Systems of IGATEC GmbH are using waste heat and steam sources to generate electricity and by that maximize the plant efficiency.

Our Energy Portfolio Consists of:




converting residual
     and waste heat into electricity     




In Germany we represent the world leader for ORC-based power plants with electrical performance range from 1 MWel up to
100 MWel.


IGATEC Energy Systems Offer a Multiplicity of Advantages:

  • Enhancement of electrical and economical efficiency of entire facilities
  • Firm design
  • Modular systems
  • Operating fully automated and running in parallel connection to the existing plant
  • 20% partial load possible
  • High lifetime / low maintenance
  • Ecology
    • Preservation of existing energy resources
    • Reduction of CO2-emissions

IGATEC Services at a Glance:

  • Conception and design
  • Production and installation
  • Initial start-up
  • Technological and economical consulting
  • “Office”-engineering
  • After-sales service