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The ORC - Organic Rankine Cycle convert thermal energy of waste heat sources into electricity.

They can be used wherever large amounts of heat incur on a temperature level >80°C, e.g.:





Industry: generating electricity by recovering process heat from various industries



Bioenergy: power production based on biomass cogeneration plants, gas turbines, combined heat and power plants, waste or sludge incinerating plants



Geothermal energy: converting geothermal energy into electric energy


Solar thermal power: solar energy based electricity generation


Functional Principle – Circulating From Waste Heat to Electricity

The ORC–process is a thermodynamic cycle that uses organic fluids like isopentane, isooctane, toluene or silicon oil as working medium. At low temperatures and pressures these working fluids have better thermodynamical properties than water.

The ORC-medium is heated up and evaporated by a low-temperature heat source inside the evaporator . The evaporated working fluid entering the steam turbine is driving the generator generating electricity .

The vapor exiting the turbine is reliquified inside the condenser . Closing the cylce the fluid is fed back into process by a feeding pump .






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