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E-mobility - IGATEC takes into operation several charging points for electric vehicle of ENGIE

In behalf of ENGIE, IGATEC has taken
into operation several charging points
for electric vehicle.


IGATEC obtains the order for the basic engineering of a filling station for tank car of VOPAK Terminal in Hamburg

IGATEC obtains the order for the basic engineering
of a filling station for a new tank car on the company
grounds Hohen Schaar of VOPAK Terminal in Hamburg.


Maintenance and repair work on the cathodic corrosion protection (CCP) plants of the barrage in Rehlingen, Mettlach and Kanzem for Waterways and Shipping Office Saarbrücken

Within the framework of CCP plants checking at the watergates KKS Schleuse
on the upstream and downstream end the following works were carried out by IGATEC:


IGATEC receives contract for PowerUnit at PHARMASERV Marburg

IGATEC has received the contract for a PowerUnit
transforming the pressure drop of PHARMASERV steam grid
to optimize the efficiency of this steam supply.


The mobile test plant for production of raw oil of GDF SUEZ in Speyer goes on line

After 4 days of commissioning the mobile test plant of GDF SUEZ in Speyer (Clusterplatz I) Mobile Testanlage für Erdölproduktion

goes on line on the 8th of April 2016.


IGATEC supplying ship loading arm DN200 (8“) to MINERA in Mannheim

Within the scope of modernizations MINERA Mineralöl GmbH in Mannheim has
commissioned IGATEC to deliver a new ship loading arm for the renewed loading platform.

The ship loader is designed according to state-of-the-art and equipped with a safety system.
In case of drifting off ship, this system warns the operator by visual and acoustic signals in time and in case of emergency will disconnect the ship from the jetty by  an ERC - Emergency Release Coupling. If this BAC – Break Away Coupling - is activated both orifices of this coupling are immediately closed within split seconds  in order to prevent the escape of the product.


Ust-Kut - Chief assembly of LPG-loading station in the Russian town Ust-Kut is started!!

Chief assembly of LPG-loading platform started at the end of October 2015
with steel construction building-up.  
The new plant to be erected consists of following main components:
- Double-track loading platform for rail tankers (RT) with a capacity of
10 stations per track (if necessary emptying of RT with nitrogen)
equipped with IGATEC loading arms for liquefied gas;
- Single-track preparation station with 10 stations;
- Emergency emptying system for one damaged rail tanker.


Electrical Installations at Vopak Dupeg Terminal Hamburg are progressing

IGATEC GmbH currently supports the refurbishment of a tank farm terminal for IGATEC Electrical Installations
chemical and petrochemical products in Port of Hamburg. IGATEC executes
revision and renovation of the EMRC technology of 3 tank farms, several ship
loading stations, as well as rail car and tanker loading station and installation
of a new tank.


IGATEC GmbH Splices Optical Fiber in Ludwigshafen

IGATEC GmbH is currently splicing singlemode fiber optics for a leading IGATEC LWL
bio-pharmaceutical company. These fiber optic cables are used to build up an
internal technology-network e.g. for energy management.


IGATEC International GmbH Receives Order for Rotary Joints Used in Steel Plants

IGATEC International GmbH starts into 2015 with a new project:   Rotary Joints for converters
A leading manufacturer of steel mills has ordered 8 large rotary joints.
These rotary joints will be designed, manufactured and delivered for
the use at large steel converters.