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Whilst loading of liquid or gaseous fluids, safety of personnel is the number one priority. A secure and convenient access to vehicles being loaded or unloaded in Top Loading processes has to be ensured. For this purpose IGATEC manufactures additionally to its Loading Arms also Folding Stairs (with or without protective cage) and complete Loading Platforms.


Folding Stairs and Loading Platforms guarantee the highest level of occupational health and safety and are always configurated according to customers demands to meet the specific needs in an optimal way.

Folding Stairs

Folding Stairways are fixed to the loading platform and swung out to the level of the tanker vehicle.

Our Folding Stairs are characterized by the following benefits in particular:

  • Large folding angle, which allows the easy adjustment to different heighted vehicles
  • Highest level of occupational health and safety because of safety steps and railings provided with knee strips
  • Rubber coated touching area
  • No jamming of hands or feet while the folding stairs are moved
  • Ability to hover above the vehicle to be loaded, no need to touch it
  • Zinc coating to avoid corrosion
  • Notch for parking position
  • Unified drilling pattern

Number of steps:
  • 3-6
  • Manual
  • Pneumatic
  • Hydraulic
  • Protective cage
  • Verification of parking position by proximity switch
  • Moving device to drive the folding stairs along the platform


further technical information: folding stairs - loading platform.pdf
plus de caractéristiques techniques: escalier-escamotable.pdf
más especificaciones: escalera  abatible.pdf

Loading Platforms

Loading Platforms are designed, manufactured, installed and put into operation in cooperation with the customer to meet the specific requirements of the application. The Loading Platforms are equiped with several (folding) stairways which allow the direct access to the loading points at the railcar / roadtanker to fix / controll the position of the loading arms. 

further technical information: folding stairs - loading platform.pdf
plus de caractéristiques techniques: plateform de chargement.pdf
más especificaciones: plataforma de carga.pdf